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  • Botox + Forehead
  • Botox + Frown Lines
  • Botox + Crows Feet
  • Botox + Lip Flip
  • Botox + Brow Lift
  • Botox + DAO (Downturned Smile)
  • Botox + Facial Slimming
  • Botox + Gummy Smile
  • Botox + Bunny Lines
  • Botox + Platysmal Bands
  • Botox + TMJ Pain

  • Filler + Lips
  • Filler + Nasolabial Folds
  • Filler + Cheek Enhancement
  • Filler + Marionette Lines
  • Filler + Non Surgical Nose Job
  • Filler + Under Eye Bags
  • Filler + Temples
  • Filler + Jawline
  • Filler + Corrective (Botched)
  • Filler + Scars
  • Filler + Chin Enhancement


Imagine being able to stay in your own home or office and having a completely private nonsurgical cosmetic treatment. Imagine not having to run into a neighbor or business partner in a dirty and busy waiting room. Imagine staying in your pajamas and sitting on your familiar and comfy couch. Juniper conveniently comes to you! Or, if you are desperately needing a break from the kiddos (or husband, lol) Brett is happy to welcome you into her home in Bozeman... (think girl date with relaxing music, lit candles, a beautiful glass fireplace, and a comfortable leather reclining chair for your treatment). No matter your preference, you can always feel confident that you will receive the best service with gorgeous and natural results.

"There needed to be a new standard for cosmetic treatments in Bozeman and I'm not only going to set that bar, but I'm going to set that bar high. Juniper is that standard of safety, care, and beauty."

Brett Ashley McMillan, Owner + Founder

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Juniper BOTOX® Treatments

BOTOX® Cosmetic (onabotulinumtoxinA) Injection

The first and only FDA-approved treatment that can temporarily smooth the look of moderate to severe frown lines, crow's feet, and forehead lines in adults.


TECHNIQUE: Injection


PAIN: Many report little to no discomfort when being treated, with a sensation similar to a pinch during the injection itself. Many Juniper clients report they don't even feel the needle poke!

HOW DOES BOTOX® WORK? Repeatedly raising your eyebrows, furrowing them, or squinting your eyes can leave you with unwanted wrinkles in predictable areas like your forehead, between your brows, and crow's feet. BOTOX® temporarily reduces the activity of the underlying muscles in those areas, temporarily making these lines look smoother.

WHEN WILL I SEE RESULTS, AND HOW LONG WILL THEY LAST? You may begin to notice results within 24-48 hours (full results will take a few weeks, however, average is 5-7 days), with results lasting on average between 4-6months. However, some clients have experienced results lasting longer than 6 months!

WILL I STILL LOOK LIKE ME AFTER TREATMENT? Absolutely! BOTOX® delivers predictable and subtle results. Juniper also delivers three promises to each and every client... 1. Your results have to look natural. 2. If it doesn't look perfect, Brett isn't finished, and 3. You have to LOVE the way you look!

IS BOTOX® PERMANENT? No. If you stop getting treatment, your wrinkles should return to their pre-treated state.

WHO IS BOTOX® FOR? DO I HAVE TO BE A CERTAIN AGE TO GET TREATED? Adults over 18 of all genders, races, and ethnicities get treated with BOTOX®. As for being a candidate, it's not just about your age, but rather the severity of your lines and wrinkles. A wide range of factors, from genetics to sun exposure, can all contribute to the development of lines, and everyone's experience is different. Juniper treats clients as young as 18 to individuals in their late 80's!

WHAT RISKS ARE ASSOCIATED WITH BOTOX®? Do not use BOTOX® if you are allergic to any of its ingredients, have had an allergic reaction in the past, or have a skin infection at the planned injection site. Before getting treated with BOTOX®, tell your provider about any and all medical conditions you may have or medications you take, and be sure to discuss the risks associated with the treatment, including those that are serious and may be life-threatening. The most common side effects include bruising, redness, and/or pain at the injection site, headache, eyelid and eyebrow dropping and eyelid swelling, cold or flu-like symptoms, and allergic reactions.

WHAT SHOULD I DO (OR NOT DO) AFTER TREATMENT WITH BOTOX®? Because there is minimal downtime, you can expect to return to your regular routine after being treated. Should you experience any swelling, redness at the injection site post-treatment, or other concerns regarding aftercare guidance, you should consult your provider. Additionally, you also want to refrain from lying flat for four hours after receiving treatment. The science behind this is, that since BOTOX® is injected into specific muscle groups, if you lay flat, potentially the BOTOX® could drain into other muscle groups leaving you with results you may not be too happy with.

HOW IS BOTOX® PREVENTATIVE? As you know, BOTOX® relaxes the muscles underneath the skin by blocking the nerve responses that tell your face to make certain expressions. If you begin receiving Botox at an earlier age, you basically give your muscles a break from moving, thus, giving your skin a break from creating wrinkles and permanent creases. A great example is this: Imagine you have a twin sister. You get BOTOX® and she does not. Fast forward to when you are both 50 years old, your sister's skin will have more creases and wrinkles than yours because for years (and decades) her muscles were actively working and moving every time she was expressive (hundreds of times each day!) Because of this, her skin responded and formed deep and permanent creases. Because you were receiving Botox and being proactive, your skin saw much less action because the underlying muscles were temporarily paralyzed and unable to move. Of course, what also helped you was a solid skincare routine, not smoking (at all), minimal alcohol use, using sunblock, and staying well hydrated! You will look fabulous whereas your sister likely won't be getting carded when she purchases that bottle of Rosé. All in all, with continued use, BOTOX® can actually reverse permanent wrinkles in many cases and can prevent new lines from forming.

HOW OFTEN CAN I GET BOTOX®? You should not get BOTOX® sooner than every 90 days. The reason is because the body could start metabolizing BOTOX® at a faster rate and over time, your results may not last as long. Many Juniper clients are on 90-day interval appointments while others just wait until they notice their creases, lines, and wrinkles return and then schedule another appointment with Brett.

I'M INTERESTED - WHAT DO I DO NEXT? Call or text Brett Ashley McMillan, owner of Juniper Botox + Fillers, at 406.600.9733 to schedule your complimentary consult and appointment. Together you and Brett will discover your biggest areas of concern and customize a cosmetic plan that matches your treatment goals, beautiful desired look, and budget.

***BOTOX® is a trademark belonging to Allergan. Juniper Botox + Fillers is not endorsed or directly affiliated with Allergan, but rather, provides services using their products.

Juniper Filler Treatments


The #1 dermal filler collection in the world! Add volume for plumper lips, smoother facial lines, or for lift and contour in the cheeks.

AREA(S) OF CONCERN: Lips, cheeks, and moderate to severe facial folds around the mouth

TREATMENT FREQUENCY: Every 1 to 2 years


TECHNIQUE: Injection

WHAT IS JUVÉDERM®? JUVÉDERM® is a collection of FDA-approved injectable dermal fillers that temporarily restore or add volume to certain areas of the face. Specifically, JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA™ XC adds volume for lift and contour to cheeks, JUVÉDERM® VOLBELLA™ XC and JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC add plumpness to lips, and JUVÉDERM® VOLLURE ™ XC and JUVÉDERM® XC smooths the look of moderate to severe wrinkles around the mouth, including "parentheses lines." But don't worry, this can be confusing! Things will make more sense during the consultation, but you can feel rest assured that you are receiving the #1 choice for dermal fillers in the world by a professionally trained and certified injector!

HOW DOES DERMAL FILLER WORK? The main ingredient in JUVÉDERM® injectable fillers is hyaluronic acid, or HA. Hyaluronic acid is a substance naturally found in our bodies that can hold up to a thousand times its weight in water. Targeting specific areas of the face with JUVÉDERM®, which is made with modified hyaluronic acid, will temporarily add volume to those areas.

WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT JUVÉDERM® TREATMENT OPTIONS? There are five unique JUVÉDERM® fillers for different patient needs. They are used to add volume to your cheeks, enhance lips with your desired volume, or smooth lower face wrinkles. Don't worry about figuring out which one is right for you, or how many syringes you need, that's your provider's job!

WHAT ARE THE OTHER BENEFITS OF GETTING A JUVÉDERM® FILLER, OTHER THAN MAKING ME LOOK SEXY AND FLAWLESS? Excited, you asked!! Not only do fillers artificially plump lips and reshape the contours of our faces, but now, the new wave of regenerative aesthetics can regenerate your cells, too. The result? More collagen production, which leads to longer-lasting and more natural-looking results that leave the skin looking plump, bouncy and smooth for longer.

WHEN GETTING TREATED WITH JUVÉDERM®, WHAT IS THE PROCESS LIKE? First, you'll have a complimentary consultation and share what your biggest 'pain points' (your most bothersome areas) are. You will fill out a confidential health questionnaire that will ask you questions about your medical background, including what medications you are currently taking. You will also be provided informative material that discusses the risks of JUVÉDERM® and filler injection procedures. This is standard for any injectable filler treatment. All questions will be answered and Brett will also honestly discuss your desired budget so there are absolutely no surprises for you. Brett will explain all the safety precautions she takes as well and will perform the treatment at your desired comfort and pace. She takes exceptional care of each one of her clients!

DOES IT HURT? Certain areas, including the lips (which are loaded with nerve endings), can feel like a pinch or a bee sting, while others are less sensitive. That said, all JUVÉDERM® products are formulated with lidocaine, a temporary numbing local anesthetic, to help reduce discomfort. Plus, Brett will apply a topical lidocaine to the area before the treatment begins, to further minimize any pain or discomfort. Ice afterwards will help soothe, if you prefer, too.

WHEN WILL I SEE RESULTS FROM MY JUVÉDERM® TREATMENT? One of the best aspects of injectable filler is that results can be seen immediately! As Brett is treating the desired area, she can see positive change and improvements after each injection - which is really quite amazing! You may also observe some swelling, redness, and bruising, but this will fade over time after your treatment to reveal your true results. Better yet, Brett has some tips and tricks up her sleeve that will significantly help prevent and treat bruising. If it helps, only 10% of Brett's clients actually bruise, which are very good odds. She will discuss all of this with you when you text or call her at 406.600.9733 .

ARE THE RESULTS FROM JUVÉDERM® PERMANENT? Nope, this is a temporary treatment - once the effects wear off, you'll need another treatment to achieve those results again.

WHAT WILL MY SKIN LOOK LIKE AFTER THE JUVÉDERM® WEARS OFF? Your skin will return closely to it's pre-treated state or baseline. Remember, dermal fillers can regenerate your cells and increase collagen production. This helps your skin look plumper and more smooth for longer.

HOW LONG DO RESULTS LAST? How long your JUVÉDERM® treatment lasts depends on which JUVÉDERM® product was used and the area treated. Brett will be happy to discuss all of this with you at your appointment. The JUVÉDERM®Collection of Fillers are the longest-lasting injectable fillers on the market for cheeks, lips, and lower facial wrinkles.

MY HUSBAND IS AFRAID I'M GOING TO LOOK LIKE A BOTCHED HOUSEWIFE FROM BEVERLY HILLS. HOW CAN I MAKE HIM FEEL BETTER ABOUT THIS? Brett hears this quite often actually! Husbands, weary friends, and even parents can sometimes generalize and stereotype that BOTOX® and dermal fillers are the same as permanent fillers and botched plastic surgery that they see on TV. They are not! Juniper treatments are not cosmetic or plastic surgery nor would Brett EVER use a permanent filler (they are too dangerous!). All Juniper treatments look natural and beautiful. Additionally, have your husband join you during your consult to ask questions and learn more. Brett would be happy to meet him and help lay any worries or concerns to rest.

WHAT SHOULD I DO (OR NOT DO) AFTER TREATMENT WITH JUVÉDERM®? For the first 24 hours after your treatment, you should avoid any strenuous exercise and exposure to extensive sun or heat. (So, post-procedure, stick to TV-watching marathons of Kevin Costner's 'Yellowstone' instead of 26.2 mile runs!) Consult with Brett for further aftercare guidance.


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